Monday, March 23, 2009

Storm's coming.

I happened to peek out the window last night while the girls were eating dinner and found this...

I started yelling, "Storm's coming." I felt like we should take cover in the root cellar and worry about the crops.

About an hour later, it started snowing. And not just a few flurries either. The wind was blowing down the street and the snow was coming down fast. And then it stopped. Ah, March in New England. Where is spring?

It bothers Rich when New Englanders complain about the start of spring here. He says that if you've lived here long enough to be a true New Englander then you know that will be cold until April and then summer will begin. For those of you not from New England, a major complaint around here is that we really don't have a spring. It will stay cold until April, with a few warm days here and there and then we jump right into summer. It's not all that unusual to have snow in April and a heatwave in May.

The storm was an appropriate way to wrap up our day.

I think these pictures of Em at lunch pretty much show how our morning went.

I knew I was in trouble after the girls finished eating when Rich said, "We're going to have to somehow wash Anna's hair."

That's a pop-tart that she somehow managed to spread through out her hair.
Washing that out with a facecloth didn't go so well.

And yesterday afternoon, we confirmed that the girls have inherited my motion sickness. Yuck!
Poor Rich was just trying to be a good dad and a good hubby. He had to run an errand where he didn't have to get out of the car so he offered to take the girls with him so that I could run. Poor Em. She puked in the van.
Allie puked a few months ago and I was hoping that it was an isolated incident. Guess not. It seems that the car seat in the third row is the puke seat. That's where both puking incidents have occurred. Em recovered quickly. As did I once all puke soaked items found their way to the washing machine.

At the end of the day with three healthy little ones sleeping peacefully in their cribs, I realized that the storm was over. And it really wasn't that bad of a storm.

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The Beers Family said...

That was a great storm yesterday - I looked out the window and could not believe that it was snowing! Spring (still winter) in NE!