Saturday, March 7, 2009

Self-cleaning eyes and a cute picture

The other night we had all three girls in the tub together, each wielding a facecloth. They do actually clean themselves, although I'm not sure how effective it really is. I was naming body parts for them to clean. Tummy, piggies, knees. Allie announced that "eyes" would be next and all three started rubbing their eyes with their facecloths. Of course, I was waiting for one of them to get soap in her eyes.

In an attempt to have them move on to another body part, Rich told them that their eyes were self-cleaning and that they didn't need to wash them. The adults in the room had a good chuckle.

Here's a picture that Grammy took earlier this week.

The girls love looking through all types of magazines. Emily has been interested in the new Pottery Barn Kids catalog this week. It has actually turned into a learning tool. We point out items for them to identify: boy, girl, apple, car, dog, duck.


Danielle said...

Hi Sarah,

Just wondering how you went with Anna's "too little" tests? Zarlee is now going through similar - no weight gain in three months! Hope all is good for you....


Sarah said...

Hi Danielle - we are still waiting for the results. She has another appointment in a few weeks with the same gastro doctor and a nutritionist - I'm sure they'll wait to give the results then. Hospitals around here only call you with bad results - the others you have to wait until your next appt. I hope Zarlee is ok - pls keep me updated!