Sunday, March 8, 2009

Crazy Weekend

If the girls don't sleep well tonight then they are Super Babies. One would think that if I'm wiped out, they have to be exhausted. That should be the rule but I've learned that it doesn't always work that way. (Rich is so tired right now that some of his sentences don't even make sense.)

I started a post Friday night and I still haven't finished it. I was trying to finish it for tonight but that obviously didn't happen. We had a crazy weekend with lots of running around. I have a ton of pictures as well. I still haven't had time to edit them so they'll be posted later this week.

And I'll leave you with a little story from nap time today. Em insisted on carrying her Pottery Barn Kids catalog upstairs at nap time. We allow dolls and small books in bed but not magazines. She refused to put it down. I refuse to rip it out of her hands. What I do instead is try to make it appear that she is helping. I'll say, "Em, can we leave that magazine here and it will be waiting for you after nap." She kept shaking her head no.

We ended up letting her "read" it in her crib (I pick my battles) and when I went to check on her after she fell asleep, she had pulled the catalog apart so there were about six pages scattered in her crib. I wanted to take a picture but Rich told me it wasn't worth the risk of waking them. Em woke up first from her nap and I found her standing in her crib holding the catalog waiting for someone to get her.

All Rich has to say about this is, "My child is attached to a catalog."

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mrsgingergrl said...

VERY cute and a girl after my own heart. I love nothing more than the PBK Catalog! :)