Friday, March 20, 2009

My Personal Assistant

Those of you who have been frequent readers of my blog know that I often, jokingly of course, refer to Rich as my personal assistant. And why would I do that? Let's talk about our evening.

Before dinner, we checked out the new speedlight for my camera and I politely asked my assisant, I mean Rich, to locate some rechargeable batteries to use. As an artist, I don't have time for such tasks. I then went for a relaxing run while Rich whipped up a fantastic dinner of homemade meatloaf, buttery mashed potatoes and sweet peas. After dinner, Rich made a trip to the pharmacy to pick up refills of Anna's meds. He also wore his personal trainer cap and calculated how many miles I should be running next week.

{Insert screeching halt here.}

Isn't it funny how blogs can be deceiving? I started to write the above as a joke and then quickly realized that if I didn't tune some readers into my sarcasm, it could easily be lost.

So here's what really happened last night: It was bath night for the girls, which means that the bathroom was left looking like someone had dumped the tub out onto the floor. All three girls fussed and cried when we left their room for the night, especially Anna. I did run on the treadmill in the basement while Rich fixed dinner; although I'm not sure that I would label it as entirely "relaxing." The meatloaf was homemade by Rich one night last week while I cooked chicken. We ate the chicken for dinner that night and stored the meatloaf in the freezer for a future meal. The mashed potatoes were instant and the peas were canned but when all was said and done, it was a fairly decent meal.

Rich did drive up to the pharmacy to pick up the refills of Anna's medications but I washed the dinner dishes while he was gone. And the speedlight was my birthday present. Rich has rechargeable batteries somewhere in the house. I can never keep track of them.

Blogging can be difficult in that it seems easy for readers to misinterpret my life. Unless I post in detail every aspect and every emotion of every day, the only one who will really know me is me. With that being said, I hope (and know) that most of you enjoy watching the girls grow and learn and I assume that I provide a bit of entertainment when discussing our hectic life and, well, I guess that's what a blog is for.

Just a bit of food for thought.


Danielle said...

You know, they say that American's have no sense of sarcasm at all, and sarcasm is inbuilt into the Aussie language. Perhaps that is why I understand you so well. You are secretly an Aussie at heart.

Nicole O'Dell said...

Thanks for the explanation, I feel much better about my husband now. PHEW! ;) I was thinking he was waaaaay behind. LOL

Nicole O'Dell said...

Ps, instant & canned, my hubby still wouldn't have made dinner.

Sarah said...

I'm glad someone understands me, Danielle!

And Nicole - that why I married Rich (one of the reasons, anyway) - he cooks and cleans!

The Beers Family said...

I love your sarcasm - i think its a NE thing! The girls are beautiful - I love reading your blog

Hope's Mama said...

As an Aussie, I can back up what Danielle said. And with blogging, I think (well for me anyway) the blog is just something I do, its not who I am. If I blogged about every event, every encounter, every emotion, well it would be a very long and boring read. And I think mine is long enough as it is!

Kris said...

As a former neighbor, I just wish that I had known this side of you then!!! Oh the fun we could have girl!!
I also saw you bust your buns just as much as Rich, not that it stops me from poking fun at him when I do see him :)

Sarah said...

Kris - LOL!!