Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh, goodness. They know too much!

Allie somehow came across this piece of thin cardboard meant to resemble a DVD. (From a magazine, I believe.) She not only thought that it was a DVD, she insisted that it was an Elmo DVD. And then she tried to load it into the DVD player that she can't reach.

Anna joined in by pointing to the television and saying, "TV. TV."

We're in trouble.

The girls' grandfather, Papa, has been bringing donuts with him when he visits to support Operation Fat Baby. If I even mention "Papa," Allie will start chanting, "Donut. Donut." (It comes out sounding like "dont no.") She, of all babies, weighs the most and doesn't need any donuts but as we've quickly learned, if you give something to one, you have to give it to all three.

While out running errands last week, Rich went through the drive-thru of Dunkin Donuts to satisfy my bacon, egg and cheese bagel craving. After we arrived home and I was cleaning out the van, Allie spotted the Dunkin Donuts bag. "Donut. Donut."

We're in trouble.


Nicole O'Dell said...

yeah, in a year you'll be going ot them for help with your computer trouble. :)

Rachael said...

haha! my three are the same with cookies + their grampy. if i even say his name, it's 'coo-kee, coo-kee'.