Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Sue, I See, A Shoe

Aunt Sue (Eddie's wife for all you readers who are family) has been coming down once a week to hang out with the girls, which is a HUGE help. The girls can't really pronounce her name very well. Depending on who is saying it, it can sound like I Sue, I See or A Shoe. Rich just calls her Aunt Shoe.

The girls still LOVE flipping through magazines and frequently point to pictures of people who resemble people they know in the real world and say their names. For example - when they see a picture of Heidi Klum, they automatically say, "Mama," and when they see a picture of Brad Pitt, they say, "Dada."

So the girls came across an advertisement in the back of a Good Housekeeping magazine that shows a fit woman dressed in some skimpy exercise clothes, crouching on a scale with her finger on her lips. Yes, if you follow this weight loss program, you too can look this. The woman in the ad has shoulder length brown hair, like Aunt Shoe.

One night, the girls pointed to the ad and said, "A Shoe." I thought it was a fluke. The next day, Em reached the end of the magazine and again called the woman in the ad, "I Sue." I tested it out a week later. Again, "A Shoe."

Rich and I had the pleasure of announcing Aunt Shoe's modeling career to the family during Game Night. Poor Aunt Shoe. All she wanted to do was help out and spend some time with the crazy babies and these crazy babies go and decide that she's some B list (or maybe even D, based on this ad) model.

Now, the day that they point to a picture of Rachael Ray and say, "Mama," is the day I throw all those magazines in the recycling bin!


Sarah said...

Wow - someone is working late!

kdliberty said...

Too funny! I know someone named Donna. Her 20something neice still calls her Aunt Donut because she couldn't say Donna as a baby. BTW, Donna weighs 300+.