Saturday, January 3, 2009

Those Crazy Babies

Allie has been rebelling against the loss of her binkies by tearing pages out of her books. Mostly when she's in her crib. I knew I was in trouble yesterday when I checked on the girls at naptime and found Emily asleep holding this:

Here's what the floor outside Allie's crib looked like:

That doesn't include the other pieces of paper I removed from her crib. So now they are only allowed to have dolls and books with the thick cardboard pages in the their cribs.
Last week, I was reading a picture/what is the word book to the girls. There was a picture of a banana so I asked, "Where's the banana?" Both Allie and Em pointed to Anna.
"No. Not Anna. Where's the banana?" Again, with sly smiles, they pointed to Anna.
Apparently, we have called Anna by the nickname Anna Banana a few too many times.
Yesterday, I walked into the family room to find Em holding a Fisher Price block with the letter B on it and a little plastic bunch of bananas in it. She was looking at the block and pointing to Anna.
They do know that her name is Anna though because both Emily and Allie can say it. It sounds more like Ana or Anya. It has been really cute to hear Allie call out, "Ana, Ana," over the monitor while they are playing and fussing at bedtime.
Speaking of Anna, I'm so afraid she's going to end up with some serious head injury. She can walk but she's really not all that steady on her feet and she tries to run - mostly to keep up with her sisters. At least once a day she just falls forward while walking and whacks her head. It's loud and she cries so I know it must hurt. And yesterday, she decided to rough-house with Emily. I told her she was going to get hurt and wouldn't you know that when I leave the room for two minutes, she gets hurt. I came back to find her lying flat on her back crying. When I asked her where it hurt, she rubbed the back of her head.
I better end this post now before the crazy ones are up from nap. We think that a new round of teething has begun. I really do hope that's all it is.

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Nance said...

Hey Sarah
I love your blog and LOVE seeing all your pictures...just wondering if you could share how you create your blog banners..I love yours and Rich's too! If it is easier to e-mail me that's great too!