Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Stuff and Anna's Scars

Well, after a four to six weeks hiatus, we are back in baby teething land again. We believe that Em is cutting some incisors. She was up screaming at 6:38 this morning. Not only was that too early for her and her sisters, it was too early for Rich and it was WAY too early for me. After a half an hour of screaming, she fell back asleep but the other two didn't. Made for a fun day.

Rich and I took the girls to Sears this morning to purchase a small freezer for the basement. I can't stand most freezers that are part of the refrigerator. They are just too small. Ours is too small. Now that the girls are actually eating, I would like to stockpile sale items and/or buy in bulk. In addition to carrots, the girls each ate a slice of Elio's pizza for lunch. If I went to the wholesale club and bought a big box of that pizza, it wouldn't fit in our freezer. At least not with all the other crap in there. (And yes, the girls can all say 'pizza' now.)

The mall wasn't open yet but Sears was so the store really wasn't crowded. This woman sales associate was talking to Rich and I was trying to look at the freezers and make a decision but the male sales associate was driving me crazy. He kept asking questions about the girls. What are their names? How much did they weight at birth? How old are they? Anna just kept staring at him with her "yes, I'm giving you a dirty look" face.

As Rich finalized the purchase, I decided to walk Em and Anna in the double stroller around the mall. You know that you're in bad shape when the mall walkers start passing you.

So going back to my post yesterday about Anna constantly whacking her head, here's a picture of her forehead this morning:

Can you see that bruise? It has a little lump under it. She woke up from her nap yesterday with it and then it appears to have doubled overnight.

Moving along to the progress on Anna's scars from her hernia surgery.

Here's what the incisions looked like when we brought her home from the hospital:

And about a week later when the butterfly stitches fell off (or were removed by Rich):

And today:

The corner of the one on her left doesn't look good. I think that the corner was torn during surgery as it has never looked infected.

Notice the purple "Yes" marked on her in the first photo. I don't know if all hospitals are doing this but at this hospital, they are big on verbal confirmation of procedures. The nurse asked us what was being done with Anna. I wanted to know if she knew what was being done to Anna. And then they made Rich write on her on the side where there was definitely a hernia. I, of course, forgot to ask if the marker was non-toxic.

And just so you know, my doctor asked me what he was going to be doing that morning almost 21 months ago as I sat on the operating table getting ready to have a needle jabbed into my spine. "I hope you are taking out some babies!"

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