Friday, January 9, 2009

A New Bedtime and Baby Gymnastics

I don't know what's going on with the girls but they weren't all asleep last night until 9:30. We tucked them in at 7:45. 9:30 PM. That's when all aquariums shut down and the last peep was heard. How is it possible that they only need as much sleep as I do? Or should it be that I need as much sleep as they do. Grammy informed me that they slept until 8:30 this morning. I'm sure this weekend they'll decide to revert back to their 7:00 am wake-up. Always the way.

Onto baby gymnastics...

Allie and Emily started doing "splits" a few weeks ago. And they know that they are doing splits because if I ask them to do a split, they will. I use the term "split" very loosely because they really can't do a full split.

Here's Allie:

She was also dancing to The Wiggles at the same time.

I witnessed Allie almost do a somersault the other night in her crib. She was really close to getting her legs kicked up over her.

Once tax season and RSV season are over, Rich and I plan to look into a baby gym class in the area.

And then there will be swim class. And dance class. And piano lessons. And possibly soccer. (Although I do HATE soccer.)

Oh goodness, what are we in for!

(I should note here that Rich and I are totally against overwhelming little kids with organized activities. If they're not having fun, I'm not going to force them do it and they aren't going to have four things going at once.)

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