Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bye Bye Binkie!

Poor Allie. We had to remove all binkies from the premises (or her crib.) Emily and Anna stopped using binkies awhile ago. I don't remember exactly when because it really wasn't a big deal. We just noticed that they didn't want them at night so we stopped placing them in their cribs. I remembering thinking, "Boy, that was easy!"

When the girls were about 11 months old and teething, we started letting Allie have her binkie during the day just to keep her quiet. It turned into her using it when we went out and here and there during the day. For the past few months, she's only been using the binkie during naps and at nighttime. AND she doesn't even use it all the time. When I checked on them last night right after they fell asleep, Allie didn't even have a binkie in her mouth.

My girls are animals and gnaw on everything. I've been adamant about checking the binkies for tears or rips. Yesterday, I found one with a big tear in it. Tonight, Rich found three. Because the girls' cribs are right next to each other, they pass books and toys and binkies back and forth. It appears that Emily chews on them and then throws them out of her crib. I'm concerned with them becoming a choking hazard so I've decided to ban any and all binkies.

As a somewhat separate but related story. Grammy tells me that Allie gagged herself before dinner and threw up in the living room partially on Little Lion. (Emily sleeps with Little Lion tucked under her arm like a football every night.) This was right before dinner and being in a rush, Grammy wiped the puke off of him. I checked him out and could still smell the puke so I tried to wash him in the sink with some detergent seeing as it was almost bedtime. I threw him in the dryer hoping he would come out smelling fresh and clean. Yeah, right.

He was still a little smelly to me but I gave him to Em before we headed upstairs. I wasn't in the room but Grammy and Rich tell me that she kept smelling him and making faces. So I decided to not put Little Lion in her crib for fear that she would throw him out and then pitch a fit because he was on the floor.

This should be an interesting night. Well, every night is an interesting night around here.

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