Monday, December 29, 2008

Perfecting the art of ignorance

Rich and I needed to pick up a few things at Target and the grocery store so we decided to make it a family outing. Take the freak show on the road. For shopping, one baby will sit in the shopping cart seat and two will ride in the double stroller. It attracts less attention. With three 20-month old toddlers, there is a window of time to shop without someone fussing (myself included.) We really don't have unlimited time to stop and chat with strangers about the girls and the story of their conception and birth.

This weekend I realized that I have finally perfected avoiding eye contact with strangers. I've taught myself to look at products and not people. I'm sooooo busy studying what is on the shelves that other shoppers don't bother me. Eye contact is an open invitation to questions. Twins? Triplets?

Some people try the old I'll make a comment and hopefully she'll respond trick. Nope, not me. I know not to fall for that. So when I hear, "Oh, look at the twins," or "Oh, there are three of them," I just keep on walking.

Rich and I have also perfected the art of shopping together without looking like we are together. For example, Rich was at the deli with Anna. I cruised by with the double stroller and saw that he was almost finished so I kept crusing - especially when I saw that the Deli Woman was paying attention to the babies. I heard Deli Woman say, "Look at all the babies today." She must have realized that something was amiss because I then heard her say, "Looks like today is pink day."

Rich gave in and told her that the girls were all sisters. "You're together?" By the time Rich said the word triplets, I was in the next aisle.

Beside Deli Woman, we managed to avoid all other comments and questions. It may be a world record. I suppose avoiding Deli Woman would have been impossible because Rich DID have to make eye contact with her and speak with her in order to get that chicken.

I would also like to add that I'm so relieved that Target has finally restocked the store with bathing suits. I mean, what would we do in Boston in January without swimwear? That would be horrible. AND I was also relieved to find Valentine's Day merch in full stock. I can't wait to start breaking my teeth on those little candy hearts!

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rachael said...

haha, swimsuits already...what is with that?!?! at least it means they will be on sale by the time we actually need them, right?

your trip to target sounds so familiar...the avoidance, the ducking and hiding, the pretending i don't know my husband :)