Friday, January 23, 2009

Sarah's Savings

Grammy and I made a late night run to Children's Place last night to see if I could stock up on some end-of-season-sale goods. I, of course, purchased everything in size 3T hoping that the girls will be the appropriate size in the next two years. I have found that buying during big sales in advance of need saves money.

This wasn't my most successful bargain shopping trip but definitely a B+.

For $80, we purchased

3 layering long-sleeve tees
3 long-sleeve turtlenecks
3 sweaters
6 dresses

for the girls and

3 dresses
1 long-sleeve shirt
1 pair of pants

for my nieces.

At least something this week went right. Our train was canceled AGAIN this morning and I left work not feeling good about myself, my job or my career.

1 comment:

Danielle said...

Anything I can do to make you feel better about yourself? If I can do it from the other side of the world, just ask!

At least it's the weekend there now, isn't it? And if you lived here in Australia, you would get Monday off, since it's Australia Day then. Perhaps you could tell your boss that you are one sixteenth Australian or something, and you need the day off to celebrate for your heritage??? It would be "racist" if he/she didn't give it to you, right?

Hope you have a good weekend, and feel better soon!