Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CPK Babies

Last December, we "adopted" three Cabbage Patch Kid preemies for the girls. The girls were too young to play with them so they've been "sleeping" in their boxes, I mean incubators, for over a year now. The girls are now starting to really play with dolls and stuffed animals so last night when Em insisted that the preemies be released, I agreed. They appear to be able to breathe on their own now.

Back story behind the adoption: I was shopping at Target a few weeks before Christmas and found three preemies with names similar to the girls'. Allyson, Arianna and Emilia. How could I just leave them there??

Em took an instant liking to Emilia last night. I found her sleeping on her stomach with Emilia's round, plastic head under her tummy. Anna decided that Arianna would not be sharing her crib and promptly threw her into Emily's crib after a quick examination. Tonight, it appears that Emily has decided that Arianna and Emilia are her twin babies and that Anna is not allowed a baby after abandoning Arianna last night.


Hope's Mama said...

Look at those adorable rosy cheeks! Sweet girl!

Kris said...

Does this mean you have to buy matching outfits for six now? Or just Emily will have "her hands full" ;)
As always, love pictures of the girls. Too cute for words!!

His Mom said...

I think the cuteness factor in that picure should have a rating!! Like EC! Extreme Cute!

I scoured the internet after Claudia was born and bought a "Claudia" cabbage patch off of eBay for her first Christmas. She has been incubating for awhile too.

Rich said...

I'll say it again: Aren't they the cutest little girls EVAH!!