Saturday, January 24, 2009

A glimpse at a moment in time

After one of the wall mounted carbon monoxide detectors started acting funky over the summer, Rich and I purchased two new detectors that plug directly into an electrical outlet with battery backup. Last month, one of the girls (Allie, I think) pulled one of the detectors out of the outlet while roaming around the downstairs. This set the detector off - which is ear piercing. The noise terrified Allie and Em to the point that if they hear it beep, they flip out.

We have been incident free for about six weeks now.

Last night, Rich and I had the girls roaming and exploring the upstairs hall and their bedroom while I changed out of my work clothes and prepared for their baths. I was in the girls' bathroom running the tub water when I heard the detector in the hall beep. I looked out to find Em standing in the doorway leaning against the door frame. I went into the hall to check out the situation and moved a box in front of the detector so that no one could bother it.

I wasn't angry, upset or freaking out. I was joking with the girls and asked Em if she was okay. She just kept looking at me very seriously from the doorway. No smiles. When I asked her if she wanted to get into the tub she grabbed onto me and started crying. That's when I realized that my little baby had been terrified and was holding it all in.

I picked her up and she wrapped those monkey legs around me and would. not. let. go. After a few minutes of trying to calm her down, I managed to peel her off of me and get her into the tub. She wouldn't sit down so I had to bathe her standing. Em LOVES taking a bath - she sees how much water she can splash out of the tub and how much water she can drink (I know, gross!). Last night, she cried the entire time no matter what I did.

She eventually calmed down but my heart was so touched. Poor little baby. She couldn't tell me what was bothering her.

As a side note, Rich had to resume his role as single father today. I worked another full day (10:00 to 6:00) and arrived home in time to put the girls to bed.

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