Thursday, January 15, 2009

Of all things.

This is my favorite statement when something prevents me from going to bed. Of all things. I usually say it when a stray fly makes its way into the bedroom and starts buzzing around right as I climb into bed.

Sunday night before heading up to bed, I stopped in the kitchen to rinse out my DP (diet Pepsi) can when I noticed a white space between the green wall and the cherry kitchen cabinet. After turning on the light, Rich and I found that our double kitchen cabinet, with four shelves of plates, bowls and glasses, had pulled away from the wall.

Of all things.

Not only had it pulled away from the wall but the very top of the cabinet had pulled away from the back "wall" of the cabinet. We both inspected it and determined that it wasn't going to fall off of the wall. At least not that night. It looks like it has only pulled away by half an inch or so.

We removed all dishes from the top shelf before going to bed. But of course, all I could think about was that cabinet ripping away from the wall and crashing to the ground. Monday night, Rich invited an engineer neighbor over to give his expert opinion. He thinks it can be "easily" fixed. But we will need three strong men, a variety of tools and a knowledge of exactly what to do.

I'm hoping that the little elves, who come out at night to finish up my work, will take care of it.


Pam said...

ah geez! of all things...

Rich said...

FYI - The "little elves" will probably be!