Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My poor little moon baby

When I arrived home last night from work, the girls were still "settling down" in the cribs. We usually don't go into their room during this part of the night unless someone flips out. It was past 9:00.

The magic moment of all three babies sleeping finally happened just after 9:30. I took these pictures when I crept in to check on them. They just looked SO CUTE.

Here's Em cuddling with a baby, Little Lion and Zebra.

Here's Allie and Elmo.

And Anna. She's going through her I don't want anything in my crib while I sleep phase. Usually all books and dolls are thrown into Em's crib.

As it turns out, Allie had (unknown to us) pooped before she fell asleep. I was a little nervous about doing this but Rich and I took her out of her crib and changed her diaper. The poor thing had no idea what was going on and after snuggling with me for a few minutes, willingly went back into her crib.

All the months of painful sleep training seem to be paying off.


Rachael said...

they all look so sweet and snuggly in bed... i am always so surprised that i can wake my 3 up and change their diapers and after a little snuggle they go right back down. perplexing!

beermanfamily said...

They look so precious. I especially love the Pats hats!!! We are big fans :)

BTW- did you check the crib recall? I ask b/c we have two of the same- and they were recalled. So annoying!!

Gorgeous babies!

The Newby Family said...

I just wanted to let you know I stumbled upon your blog through your husband's signature on a running message board, and I have been addicted to your stories! Your girls are precious, and so many of your old posts have brought me to tears! You have been through so much and I know how hard it is to be a working mom with 2 babies in diapers, I can't imagine being in your situation! I just had to let you know that reading your stories has inspired me.

Sarah said...

Aw, thanks "Newby Family" for your comment. That made my day!

And "Beerman Family" - these are new cribs - I think Graco - that we got after the Jardine crib recall over the summer. I think they're safe?!?