Friday, January 16, 2009

In our house.

What I don't want to hear at five o'clock in the morning:

1. A baby crying.
2. Elmo exclaiming, "Ya-who-we."

What I heard at five o'clock this morning:

1. A baby crying (most likely a binkie-less Allie).
2. Elmo exclaiming, "Ya-who-we."


Because I've been arriving home at 9:00 pm all this week, I haven't been able to control myself when checking in on the girls while they sleep. We usually sneak in and out of their room but last night, I turned the light up a bit, approached Anna's crib and started smoothing her hair against her forehead. I whispered, "Good night, baby Anna. Mommy loves you." Anna opened her eyes! I thought about diving for cover but instead I quickly turned the light off and froze. She went back to sleep.

My poor little babies.

I just went up to check on them a few minutes ago and Em had a doll tucked under each arm. I know it won't always be this cute. I always want to remember these moments.


Anonymous said...

I always pray my kids roll off the sound making toys before I have to go in and move them. It's got to be one of the most annoying things to get a parent out of bed for. A crying child is not fun, but getting up for Elmo is just plain wrong. lol. Your babies are absolutely adorable!! Been reading for awhile and am really enjoying your blog!

Nicole O'Dell said...

My babies each fall asleep to their glo-worms. I've always wondered what would happen if the rolled on them once they get more mobile. That would be frustrating!