Monday, December 22, 2008

Some Allie Stuff and a Winter Wonderland

Allie's most used word now is "up." With an emphasis on the "p." She uses it when she wants you to hold her (whether or not you are holding another baby), when she wants to run all over the couch, when she wants out of the family room or when she doesn't want to sit in her highchair. We also hear it when it the girls are in their cribs burning off energy before they fall asleep.

Last night, Em woke up screaming and shrieking at 1:45 am. Anna also woke up to throw in a few fake cries. When Rich came back to bed after checking on them, I told him how, through all the commotion, I heard Allie say, "up." She probably wanted out of there.

I was home alone with the girls yesterday while Rich went to pick up some groceries. I left the girls in their gated community so I could put away some laundry. When I came back downstairs, I found this:

That's Allie styling Anna's hair. She does this quite often and is very gentle. Anna was just sitting there reading her book. It was the cutest thing!

Alright, this part of my post is for all of you who live in a warm climate and don't see snow.

After three days, it FINALLY stopped snowing last night. I took one last picture of the deck yesterday afternoon.

And then I trekked through the backyard to take these pictures. That snow was deep.

We wanted to bring the girls out there but unfortunately, they don't have appropriate snow gear. Rich and I can't decide whether it's worth spending $100 or more on snow pants, jackets and boots if they aren't going to wear them. They probably wouldn't have liked it yesterday. It was freezing cold and the snow would have been up to their waists.
I like the snow if I don't have to leave the house. And I've had to leave the house.


Danielle said...

Hey Sarah,

Thanks for the pics, that are so obviously for snow-virgin me! I think the one of your back table is amazing..... tomorrow can you do me a favour,and go out, and stick your hand in the snow on your table? When I see that picture, that's what I want to do! Leave one big, deep hand print. You are probably groaning, cause you do stuff like that all the time, but I'll make you a deal; you do that for me, and next time I am swimming at the beach, (which is often in this heat), I will have a swim for you...and send you a picture of a hand print in the

Hope you and your family have a lovely christmas, and Santa brings the girls lots of prezzies!


His Mom said...

It so isn't worth the price. We have snow pants/big ole jacket for Claudia and when it is on she can barely move, much less crawl (she isn't walking yet) and screams bloody murder when she is out there. ;)

Sarah said...

Danielle - Maybe I'll go out there tonight...maybe.

And I'm thinking that we will definitely hold off on the snowsuits until next year when the girls will want to go out.