Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Party Recap

I'm happy to report that my fashion-conscious girls wore their headbands last night. For awhile. And then I was happy that they weren't wearing them because one was always running up to me with it in her hand silently asking for me to put it back on her little head.

Here's Anna:

And here's a cute picture of Em looking at an ornament:

The girls had a blast last night! They were a little wary of the crowd and all the strange faces at first but it didn't take long for them to take over. There was a huge dance floor and they made it their job to run back and forth, back and forth.

They also enjoyed trying to get into all the presents.

Here's a random picture of a random baby wandering around:

I would have to say that they liked playing with their presents rather than opening them. They really didn't quite understand the concept.

Here's Allie pointing out Elmo or "Elmay" as she calls him.

And Anna.

Here's Em with Aunt Amelia and me (with the bangs). Notice how she is STILL wearing the headband.

It was great that the girls had fun and I was happy to have them interact with family but it was tiring for me. And it takes a lot of work. I was constantly counting babies or yelling, "where's number 3?" I think I sometimes forget how hard it really is or others don't realize how hard it really is.
This place was obviously not baby-proofed or set up for babies at all so we asked Grammy to come along to help out and thankfully Aunt Amelia helped out as well. And you should have seen all the baby gear we had bring. Nevermind the extra clothes I had to pack and leave in the car in case someone puked. (I don't remember if I blogged about Allie's car-sick-puking-incident a few weeks ago.)
I brought items so we were able to set up a diaper changing and cathing station in a private corner of the hall. I had to cath Anna when we first arrived and then again before we left. She handled it like a pro.
And I even created my own super-gate to block off the trash can.
What really amazed me was how much entertainment the girls provided. People just couldn't get enough of them. At one point during the Yankee swap, Allie was lying on the floor and Anna walked up to her and poked her eye. (I should note that it wasn't hard and Allie knew to shut her eye. They do this to each other all the time.) Anna then proceeded to "attack" her while Allie laughed away. I went over to supervise and ensure that Allie didn't kick Anna.
As I'm there monitoring the situation, a dozen people erupt into laughter. Loud, hysterical laughter. Just from watching the girls play with each other. At the end of the night, Uncle Michael asked us if the girls had picked up their paycheck.
It was a bit easier than last year and I'm sure next year will be a breeze. I hope. If only I could stop being such a worry-wart.


rachael said...

i had to laugh at your makeshift baby gate...that is something i am always doing when we go anywhere! isn't it weird how much the little ones fascinate people sometimes?

love the girls outfits and the cute!

Sarah said...

Never in my life (prior to trips)did I think that I would have to set up chairs as a baby gate around a trash can!!!

Rich said...

I will just add that I was pleasantly surprised with Sarah at the party. I usually have angina just from being around Sarah and her "worriness" but you were pretty relaxed, hon!

Now I just need to get Sarah to take the girls out to the Outback!

Pam said...

from the comments, it looks like i am the rich in our family, and my husband is the sarah.

i think if i ever want to take the boys to outback, i'll be doing it on my own. :P