Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Intro to Snow and Bargain Shopping

We had some guests last night including Grandpa, who wanted to see how the girls would react to snow. It starts getting dark here around 4:00 in the afternoon so we decided that our snow play would be limited to a bowl of it in the kitchen.

It didn't go so well. Anna and Emily touched the snow once and then held up their fingers with a combined look of confusion and horror on their faces.

Here are some pictures of their snow experience. Uncle Pat is on the floor with them. Anna in the light pink, Allie in the dark pink and Em in the purple.

They wanted nothing to do with that snow and the whole show lasted five minutes. The girls then decided that it was more fun to read some magazines. Please ignore the vacuum cleaner. I still haven't finished the cleaning project I started this past weekend.

I tried to fit in some last minute shopping today but I couldn't seem to find anything so I gave up. While I was out and about, I managed to purchase these Carter's winter jackets for the girls in size 3T for only $10 each. The original price was $58 each.

I never thought that having triplets would be so expensive. Each month, Rich and I look at the credit card bill and say, "this was for the girls, that was for the girls." Thank goodness we don't have the expense of formula now but keeping milk and food in the house costs money as well.
Rich sometimes doesn't understand my way of shopping but I'm trying to save money in the long run. I admit it - it's not perfect and I'm trying to revise my methods as I learn but I do SAVE money. The jackets that I bought today probably won't fit the girls for another two winters but I won't have to worry about trying to find warm jackets when I need them. And their jackets from this winter, which are HUGE, will most definitely fit them next year.
That's bargain shopping at its best.

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His Mom said...

Love the snow pics, they made me laugh out loud.

I shop like you. A friend found a Melissa and Doug dollhouse normally $160 or so for $50. That is a HECK of a bargain, comes with furniture, a family and it is huge. HUGE. So I bought it (free shipping online too which is normally $25). Yeah, it is in a closet for, probably, 2 more years but what an awesome gift it will be. And great quality cheap. It will save money in the long run!