Monday, November 3, 2008

This is for Grammy.

Grammy, look at what Allie can do.

It gets even better.

That toy is now in the basement and will be returned to my sister-in-law at someone's earliest convenience.
We have another saying in our house. It's "Beth never did that." Beth is my niece and former user of the above toy. The toy has these round inserts that play different noises. (You can see a yellow one discarded on the floor behind Allie in the above picture.) I saw my girls play with the toy, as it should be played with, only once. They somehow decided that transporting the middle inserts would be more fun. The real heavy center piece has been in our basement since day 2.
Grammy doesn't understand why the crazy babies are so crazy. According to Grammy, Beth only played with the toy the proper way.
I thought that I had asked Rich a few weeks ago to keep the toy in the basement after Anna had an accident with it but Rich forget my request and the toy appeared again. And again. The toy is now permanently banned from the family room.
Emily did try to climb into the toy while Allie was in there. I couldn't get the camera in time plus I WAS trying to keep everyone safe. Crazy babies.
Please note that I am using a "-" to separate the paragraphs above because Blogger is really annoying me tonight and deleting my spaces.

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kdliberty said...

To cute! Everytime some tells you "Beth didn't do that". Tell Beth does not have 2 equally identical sisters she is trying to out do. This also quite normal behavoir in multiples.