Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Anna's Haircut

This should really be titled Anna's First And Only Haircut For A Really Really Long Time.

Here are some "before" pictures:

Anna has a few long strands of hair that hang over her right eye. They are long enough to tuck behind her ear.

When we were finally able to peel the glue patch from her shunt scar, there was a small tuft of hair on her otherwise bald head. That section of hair kept growing at a speed much faster than the rest of her hair leaving her with a long, wispy section that looked kind of odd. I think it was nature's way of hiding her shunt.

We decided to trim it up.

Ooops. No one was supposed to see this picture.

Here's an "after" picture:

Much better.

It actually isn't THAT much of a difference but those who know her "in person" agree that it looks better.

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