Sunday, November 16, 2008


Before I had children, I was against my children learning sign language as a substitute for speaking. I thought that they would not learn to speak as quickly if they could communicate by signing. I agreed with the theory of children learning to sign if that was the only way that they could communicate with other children.

I now realize that this makes no sense. Suppose the girls start school and need to sign to communicate with other children. It's not something they can learn overnight. Plus, they ARE speaking. I seriously doubt that signing is going to set them back.

The girls now know some signs. The most used being that for "more." Just tonight, Allie and Em were in a crib and started playing The Book Game. This is where you hand them book after book until you give them the one that they were looking for. I would hold up a book to see if Allie would reach out for it. I told her that she was going to have to say "yes or no" for the book. She looked at me and signed for "more." Meaning "show me more."

Grammy tells me that Allie did this one night last week. She signed "more" and then "book."

Em usually signs "more" after she finishes a bottle. She's our Super Drinker.

It's funny how I've thrown a lot of my parenting ideas out the window. Except for the one about food. The girls are still not allowed to eat processed chicken nuggets or hot dogs or french fries or other related crap. Except for the occasional bite from Mommy or Daddy. Like the fried dough from this afternoon.

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