Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Followers? and Quick Post

I'm slacking off on posting tonight because I decided to throw together The World's Quickest Blog Banner for Thanksgiving. I'm a little behind these days and just realized that Thanksgiving is NEXT week. I can hopefully finish and upload it tomorrow night seeing as it will have a very short shelf life.

Soooo I added the Follower thingy on my sidebar. If you are a follower and you have a google/blogger account, I would love it if you would list me as a blog you follow. I MUST have more than two followers. To boot, one of them is Grammy. (And I know that I need to do the same. It's seems like I'm a little behind on everything these days. Thank goodness for Rich. He's like my personal assistant at times. I don't know how he puts up with me.)

I'll end this post with an adorable picture of Allie from this weekend. We decided to take the girls on an outing and I forgot (big surprise) their hats. Plus, they have never worn mittens before and had no idea what to do with their hands at first. So they sat there with their arms sticking out.

I'll post about the adventure later this week along with some more really cute pictures.


Christine said...

Your banner was quick? It is awesome! You do a great job!

Sarah said...

Hi Christine - the banner up there now is still the old one that I threw together last month. The new one actually says "Happy Thanksgiving" on it. Hopefully tonight I can finish. Thanks for the compliment on the old banner :)