Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Blog Banner & Pic

Well, the new Thanksgiving blog banner is up. I don't know how I feel about it. It would probably look a little nicer if I had spent more than two hours on it. Oh, well. Christmas is right around the corner.

Since I can't do a real post tonight (it's almost my bedtime and I still need to find something to wear to work tomorrow), I'll leave you with another picture from our outing this past weekend.

Doesn't Em look so cute in this hat?

She was such a riot on the way home. We had taken the girls' coats off for the car ride because we didn't want them to get overheated (they had sweaters on as well.) Well, she insisted on wearing the hat. Okay. Then she spotted a sippy with juice that wasn't finished by Anna on the way there and insisted having that as well. Okay.

We hadn't driven far when she started doing this little semi-fake cough. Rich turned the inside lights on and I look back to see her sitting there with the hat rolled down almost completely covering her eyes, chugging the juice.

I frequently tell Rich that she has the personality of "the youngest."

Ok - real post tomorrow. I promise!

PS - Does anyone else have problems with the spacing? No matter how many times I fix it, blogger sometimes won't keep those spaces in there. That's why you see the "." instead of plain spacing. Arrrg.

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Twins' proud godmother said...

it's very beautiful !!
em is so cute !!