Thursday, November 20, 2008

I've been working on the railroad.

Last week, some co-workers and I were discussing The Kiddie Railroad Slash Amusement Park Place. I remember going there when I was younger (mostly through photos) and Rich remembers going as well. If that place was open when Rich was little, then you KNOW that it's old.

Ironically, there were coupons in Friday's paper so Rich and I started talking about bringing the girls. I thought that it would be easiest if we had three adults - especially considering that we wouldn't be able to bring the Choo Choo Wagon on the train. Rich argued that we needed to start bringing them to places like this alone. Without help. I conceded.

We made the trip on Sunday seeing that there was no rain and the temperature was hovering above 50 degrees BUT the wind made it feel like it was 40. We pull in the parking lot and I realize that I had forgotten the girls' hats.

I improvised by wrapping blankets around their heads. Here's Anna:

She doesn't know what to do about the mittens either.

We quickly realized that the blankets weren't going to work so Rich had to buy hats in the gift shop. Here are the girls waiting outside for Dada with their blanket head-wraps.

Rich had to carry two babies onto the train. That's a typical task for us: carrying two at once.

Anna's in my lap, Allie in the middle, Em on the end. Em has her Little Devil face.

After the train ride, we decided to take them, one at time, on the carousel. Em is usually fairly brave so I decided to take her on first. I figured that if she flipped out, Allie might and Anna definitely would. As we were waiting in line, I asked Em if she wanted to ride on the horsey. She made her little noise which means NO.

Guess what happened?

That's right. No horsey but she did like the sleigh. I didn't have the chance to take the other two on because of the time.

Here's Allie doing her "what happened?"

Overall, I think the girls had fun. The only time they fussed was when we put them back in the Choo Choo. I, on the other hand, was annoyed with all the comments about the stupid Choo Choo Wagon. It's a wagon. You can order one online. Trust me, it's not a collector's item. I, of course, am used to the questions about the girls. YES, THEY ARE TRIPLETS!

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