Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gosh Darn Cute

The girls' little personalities have really been bright and shining lately so I thought I would post about the funny and cute ways they have been developing, growing and acting.

All three have been learning sign language with the help of Baby Einstein, of course. I witnessed all three signing "table" after Daddy asked them to. They attempted bowl and cup as well. They weren't as successful but the idea was there. Allie was adorable yesterday. She kept showing me the sign for "book" and saying what sounded like "pat" which is her uncle's name. I THINK she was trying to say "book" as she was signing it but it came out sounding like "pat." Either way, it was very cute.

Allie has begun to demonstrate "imaginary play." Last weekend, she walked around with a toy telephone carrying on a conversation in her baby language. Rich and I could not stop laughing. She is also learning to clean up toys. She helped out one night last week by picking up books and stacking them together.

I came home from work one night last week to find Anna flipping through an American Girl magazine (courtesy of Grammy.) She sat with me and pointed out different dolls. She is very observant. Anna is also VERY good at cleaning up, a serious job. She takes books, blocks, etc and places them back into the container that should be containing them.

Em has also started with the "imaginary play." Grammy taught her how to move toys (Little People or stuffed animals) across the floor as if they are walking. Watching her do this makes me realize how much she has grown. Em's little way of dancing is also very cute. She usually bounces up and down but sometimes she'll move her hips side to side.

All three girls love to play "Ring around the Rosey." Allie usually yells, "DOWN," at the end and throws herself forward onto the floor. We are still working on them being able to hold hands with
each other and walk in a circle.

The following photos were taken this afternoon and highlight Emily in her "playful" mood. She's the one in the green sleeper. The first two pictures are with Allie and the last two are with Anna. Please note that Emily was NOT the first one on the rocking zebra. I love the second one because although Allie was crying hysterically, Em decided to sit there on her and look at a card.