Saturday, November 1, 2008

Met their match. Finally!

The girls had a playdate with my friend Leslie's girls today. She has three girls ages five and under. Before we left our house, I told Rich how I thought that the girls had finally met their match. Leslie's girls are outgoing and because there are three of them, they are used to the type of craziness that my girls produce.

When I called Leslie this morning to confirm, I could hear screaming in the background as Leslie announced that the triplet babies would be coming over for a visit. Then one of her girls got on the phone to ask me if her mom was REALLY telling her the truth about the babies visiting.

The girls' social time to date has mostly been limited to their cousin, Beth, and the little girl next door. Both seem to watch the girls and not know what to do as the three of them take over. Beth is becoming more comfortable with them as they are now older and can sort of play with her. The little girl next door runs around picking up her toys saying, "my toys" as the girls attempt to take over her yard.

Today's playdate was great. I could tell that my girls had fun and Leslie's girls were great with them. They helped us watch them and played nicely. It was so cute to watch the interaction.

So yes, the girls have finally met their match.

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Sheila said...

So glad the girls were able to have a play date with Leslie's girls:-) Can't wait to hear more about the visit.
Love, Grammy