Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Well, I had to email in sick to work today, which I HATE to do unless I am puking or coughing up a lung. I was doing neither. I woke up at 4am with a sore throat and felt like I was trudging through cement just to get to the bathroom. Luckily, Grammy and Aunt Molly came over to watch the girls so that I could rest. I'm convinced that the flu shot I received earlier in the week is spreading through my body.

So the girls have no idea what Halloween is. Here's Anna with Dada. She wasn't too sure if that was REALLY Dada. Emily thought it was funny and Allie seemed slightly perplexed.

We kind of tricked the girls into wearing their costumes. I hadn't been able to even have them try the costumes on because they would flip out a little when they saw me coming at them holding wings and antennas. We put The Wiggles on and threw their head pieces and shoes on right before we ran outside. Once they are outside, they don't care what they are wearing.

Here are the three little butterflies. I'm glad that I dressed them the same this year.




I want to send out a Happy Bday to Jen and D's little girl, V. Hope it was a good one!


GONavyfamily said...

Could these girls be any cuter I ask you?? Oh my goodness. I'm so glad the blog is back up :o)
Keep the blogs coming!

Miss you!
Melissa Mergl

Sarah said...

Thank you so much Melissa. I miss you too!! I'm so glad you come here.

Hope all is well!