Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Jammies

We bought the girls these cozy fleece pj's from Carter's last weekend. The girls LOVE them.

I'm starting to think that Em might end up in the fashion industry. She still hates her new jacket and new sleep-sack but is in love with the new pj's. After dinner on Friday night, I had to immediately change Allie into her pj's as her pants were all wet. Em stood there and "eh, eh"ed while pointing at her monkey pj's awaiting her in the play-yard. I had to change her as well.

Saturday morning, Rich had to drive over to The Girls' College Fund and decided to take Em with him. She screamed the entire time her clothes were being changed. Later that morning, I came downstairs from my shower to find Em back in her pj's. Rich told me that she brought the pj's up to him and wan't them back on.

Crazy fashion baby.

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