Sunday, October 26, 2008

Now why didn't I think of that?

Yesterday afternoon, Rich and I brought the girls to a local "safe" trick or treat. It's on a Main Street and the business owners hand out candy. I couldn't quite tell if it was "safe" because of the time (late afternoon) or the fact that reputable business owners were handing out the candy - not complete strangers. Although, these business owners were complete strangers to us.

It was impossible for the girls to wear their Halloween costumes - butterfly wings and carseats don't exactly go well together. And I wasn't about to change three babies in the back of a minivan when they can't even eat candy. We just wanted to get out of the house and thought that they might like to see other little kids.

What I should have done was put a "Freak Show" sign on the Choo Choo because kids and parents were pointing and commenting before we even reached Main Street. Here we go again.

There were a few local politicians with signs handing out candy as well. A State Rep had his picture taken with the girls. Oooookay.

We heard all the usual comments: Are those triplets? You sure have your hands full. That's a neat train. I've never seen triplets before.

Then some guy walking by us asked us if they were triplets. Yes. Then he asked us if they were really triplets or if we had just dressed them like triplets. Hmmmm. I told Rich that we could have used that as their Halloween costumes. No, they aren't really triplets but we found three babies the same age, who look exactly the same, and have dressed them the same so that they can be triplets for Halloween.

Now why didn't I think of that?




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Cassie said...

people are so clueless! We get the "are they REALLY triplets" ALL THE TIME! My boys are identical also but Cole is smaller, so they think we have twins and a identical younger brother...who looks maybe 2 months younger....COME ON!!