Sunday, October 12, 2008

What I NOW Know...

Rich and I brought the girls over to the outlet mall yesterday morning for a short trip. There wasn't much time between all of us getting ready and packed up to when we had to return home for the girls' lunch and nap. The girls were very well behaved. They LOVE to people-watch, especially other toddlers.

Stride Rite was having a big sale. $12.95 for select styles or 2 for $20. I found a pair of "boy" sneakers in a size 5M. I was hesitant to buy them because although they would fit Anna within the next 6 months, I didn't want her to have "boy" sneakers and the other two to have "girl" sneakers. So I didn't buy anything.

Then we checked out The Children's Place. They had nice thick fleece jackets on sale for $10 each. There were three different colors and size 18 months was plentiful. I hesitated to buy them after a sales girl told me I should buy the REAL winter jackets with the removable fleece lining. Hmmmm. Those were $49.50 a piece plus if I wanted to purchase the matching "ski" pants - another $29.50 each. So that adds up to $240. Oh, I can't forget about the 30% off, which would bring the grand total to $168. So I didn't buy anything.

I made a quick stop into BabyGap looking for some jeans on clearance. Didn't see any but found these really cute green dresses. There were three in size 12-18 months. I started playing the old 'do they REALLY need these dresses?' game. So I didn't buy anything.

Rich and I both checked out The Gap for the always needed work appropriate attire. The store was packed and Anna was starting to get fussy. I also need to try on EVERYTHING including tops, which is such a hassle. So I didn't buy anything.

After giving it some thought over the afternoon, I returned to the outlet mall by myself while Rich put the girls to bed. Here's what I NOW know:

#1 - If Stride Rite is having a sale, STOCK UP. I purchased 7 pairs of shoes for a grand total of $73. All three girls now have "boy" sneakers in a bigger size. I was quite pleased this morning when the girls tried on some of the size 5 and 5.5 shoes and we found them to be too big, which is exactly what I wanted.

#2 - If you see three of something and you think you may want them, buy them because when you return, you won't be able to find three. I returned to The Children's Place to find that there were no more size 18-month purple jackets. I had to buy all three pink, which isn't a big deal but I had my mind set on each of them having their OWN jackets in different colors instead of "sharing."

And then while I was back in BabyGap, Old Russian Woman grabbed the third 12-18 month green dress right as I grabbed the first one. I found the second one BUT I NEEDED THREE.

#3 - You'll avoid questions if you keep everyone the same. Buying Anna the "boy" sneakers only worked out because I was able to buy the same shoes for Allie and Em. Anna's shoes now are white with a high ankle. People are always asking why she doesn't have the same shoes as the other two. Rich tells me that my response should be, "why not?"

Because I couldn't resist purchasing that cute green dress at BabyGap, I was forced to buy two other dresses. We can't have just ONE baby wearing a dress. What would the other two wear?

#4 - If you think that Young Hostess at the restaurant has placed too many containers into your take-out bag, RUN don't walk to your car. She caught me 15 feet outside of the door and I had to give up the free pizza.

Note: Some of these lessons have been months in the making.

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The Newby Family said...

I'm continuing to entertain myself by reading your stories! (and sad that I've almost read every word) You are so funny. I am laughing out loud at #4.