Saturday, October 11, 2008

All Together Now

Am I the only one with 18-month old triplets who finds it extremely difficult to take pictures of all three together? I swear, once they became mobile, nice group photo sessions became a thing of the past.

I managed to take cute pictures of the girls individually last weekend. There were two shots of them all together. Here's an example:

We tried to have another mini photo session this afternoon. With different outfits. To see if we could end up with a nice picture of all three together. Here are some of the funny ones:

Maybe next year? The year after next? I keep saying that life will be a lot easier when they are five. I HAVE to believe that, people. Please don't burst my bubble!


princessdidi said...

Oh my, what adorable triplets you have!

rachael said...

you are not alone, it sounds just like our photo shoots :)

Twins' proud godmother said...

They are really so cute !!

SarahCarroll said...

Hi.... I happened upon your page by clicking "next blog" the other day. First off, your family is beautiful! And just out of curiousity where did you get the template, etc for your blog banner?! It is beautiful! Im just setting up my blog & looking to make a cute banner too. Thanks!
My email is:
Thanks, Sarah

Sugar Mommy said...

You are not alone! My girls are 19months and 4 and I don't recall one picture, since the trio became mobile, where they are all happy, or even content, and looking at the camera. Take comfort in knowing sometimes those are the BEST SHOTS! Not to mention it will be fun telling them about it when they have their own children that will not sit still for photos!