Monday, October 13, 2008

Allie & Her Sneakers

Allie LOVED trying on her new sneakers yesterday morning. Sigh. A girl after my own heart. Here she is literally giving them a test run with her pajamas on:

(And yes, this is what the family room looks like 15 minutes after the girls take over.)

Rich had Allie roaming free around the first floor of the house (outside of her normal gated community) later in the afternoon while Anna and Emily helped me sort laundry upstairs. We came down to find Allie like this:

While free, she found the sneakers, brought them to Rich and communicated in baby-speak that she wanted to wear them. And yes, they are a little too big. She is wearing size 4.5 now and these are size 5.5.

After I took this picture, we told the girls that we were all going to go outside to play. I brought in their "real" shoes and Allie immediately sat down on the floor and started pulling off the velcro of the "boy" sneakers. I'm telling you, she's one smart cookie!

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Sugar Mommy said...

I am glad to know that my living room is not alone! Love the new "kicks".