Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Own Little Slob

Emily was in "a mood" today. I suppose having four molars coming in at once has something to do with it. I hope!

This afternoon, she flipped out when I put her in the family room after their snack. It was one of those snacks where I had to hold her in my lap in order for her to finish eating. She was still flipping out when I came into the room through the other gate. She was hanging off of the gate leading into the kitchen believing that her monkey skills would free her. Not quite yet, little one.

One of the girls' pink fleece hoodies has been floating around the family room for the past day or so. One of them wore it the other day and it was still "clean." I watch Emily, who has the remains of her yummy prune snack still on her lips, pick up the sleeve of the hoodie and wipe her face clean with it. From crying to crazy baby in 3 seconds flat.

Then she starts "blowing her nose," which is running due to her crying. This entails scrunching her nose up while inhaling and exhaling. Of course, the sleeve of the hoodie is her tissue. The hoodie is then tossed aside.

Did this child come from my womb?

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