Thursday, September 25, 2008

Four Generations

Papaw and Mamaw are visiting this week from Michigan. This is only their second time seeing the crazy babies live and in action. I keep telling the girls that when they are a little bit older, Grammy and I will pack up the van and drive out to Michigan for a nice summer vacation. We'll leave Daddy at home to Bring Home The Bacon.

Mamaw's holding Allie, Grammy's holding Anna and I'm holding Emily (of course!).

Please ignore my face. I have NO make-up on and it looks like I have a wandering eye.


Pam said...

aw, what a great picture! and i love how the girls are looking at each other. plotting, perhaps?

stranger said...

As a Mom, I'm supposed to know that in my eyes MY kids are the most beautiful in the world (I have GGG also). But, Sarah, oh my! Your girls are GORGEOUS!!!!!
And have been since the first pics posted!!! My girls kinda looked like Ethiopian aliens for a while, then grew into their bodies and features. Congrats on such a beautiful family!! Come visit-

Sarah said...

Hey Stranger - I've been meaning to comment for the past 3 days now. I checked out your blog and your girls are soooo cute. I love the picture of them in their dresses. Thank you for the comment!!

And yes Pam, they are always plotting!!!

EH said...

You look great.... you had triplets shortly after a still birth and you are in great shape. So lucky.