Saturday, August 2, 2008

Week in Review

Anna's walking skills continue to improve. Tonight, she walked from me to Dada halfway across the family room. Last night, she left Dada and walked over to a ball and then turned around to walk back to Dada. It's just amazing to actually see her walk on her own. Her little face just lights up. She is so proud and happy.

Anna loves to find pieces of lint or stray food, which makes its way to the family room via the girls' clothes, on the carpet in the family room. She's very serious about picking up her finds and bringing them to me, Dada or Grammy for disposal. We always thank her and most of the time, we throw the lint or food in the trash bag of diapers.

If I'm playing with the girls on the floor and she hands me lint, I thank her but then just shove it under the couch. You should see the look on Anna's face. She's very concerned and looks under the couch and then at me and then under the couch again. That lint belongs in the trash!

Grammy has informed us that Emily has ANOTHER boyfriend. Cal. He is two and a half years old, lives down the street and his father works for the fire department. I guess Cal came along on his little training bicycle and fell for Emily. Figuratively not literally. All three girls were in the Choo Choo Wagon but Cal only had eyes for Em. No matter how many times she dropped her sippie cup, he was right there to pick it up for her.

Practically overnight, Allie and Em are able to walk backwards. They love to walk backwards and sit on whatever they can find: Momma's leg, a pillow, a toy, another baby.

As we were giving the girls their baths tonight, the right side of my back suddenly gave out. It's not like I moved a weird way or felt something pop. I just felt pain. Excruciating pain. It hurts to walk. It hurts to bend over. It hurts to sit.

I hope this goes away as suddenly as it arrived because a bad back with three crazy babies doesn't quite work.

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