Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bottle (and more!) Bungees

We've discovered that the Bottle Bungees are not only great for keeping bottles and sippies off of the floor but for keeping chewies in the stroller as well.

Here's a picture of the girls this morning before our walk.

Watch Allie make an attempt to toss her chewie...

Now if only we could find some way to keep hats on their heads. These pink hats are a little big but the girls seem to keep them on longer than the sun hats. Em kept hers on for almost the entire walk.

Rich took the girls with him on his run yesterday. The temperature was in the low-80's. Warm but not sweltering. Old Bat Not Minding Her Business yelled at him for not having hats on the girls. It's hot out here. They should have hats on. YOU have a hat on.

Rich said that he ran right by her without slowing down and yelled THEY WON'T KEEP THEM ON. I'll gladly let Old Bat come over and take the girls for a walk. Let's see if she can keep them from tossing their hats.

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