Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What's that I see?

Ah yes, it's the light at the end of the Crib Fiasco Tunnel.

After not being able to find replacement cribs for the girls' recalled cribs in the store, we found good replacements online. We returned to Babies R Us last weekend with a printout of the cribs we wanted and our vouchers. Customer Service Woman promised us that if we ordered the cribs online and returned to the store with our receipt and vouchers, BRU would refund us our money. thankyouverymuch. Rich and I requested that she put that in writing. She did.

Rich called BRU online last Sunday night to order the cribs. By calling, he ensured that we received the multiples discount. For those of you who aren't aware - if you purchase two or more of the same item at BRU and that item costs more than $50, you will receive 10% off each item. The cribs arrived last Thursday and Rich spent the weekend putting together two of the cribs. thankyouverymuch.

So what did my beaver-like children do while checking out the new crib?

Yes, they began destroying it with their teeth. This is one of the reasons why I chose white over cherry for the finish. I once found Allie with reddish/brown cherry stain all over her mouth from her recalled crib. Nice, huh?

So we packed up the girls this past Sunday afternoon and made the trip to BRU AGAIN. We were there for over an hour while Customer Service tried to figure out how to handle the transaction. At the end of the day (or the hour), we ended up the winner. They refunded us our shipping costs AND with the multiples discount, we only paid $56 more in total. thankyouverymuch.

Here's Emily's new crib.

Here's Emily IN her new crib.

Doesn't the room look so nice (please ignore the fact that I have had absolutely NO time to decorate at all.)

Now look at Anna and Allie in Allie's new crib. Notice all the crap that I had to move to take the nice pictures of Em's crib.

So what did Allie, Em and I do while waiting for Dada and Anna to take care of the crib refund? We shopped! What else do girls do??

It all started with these cute little beret-like caps. Rich came over and agreed that they were adorable. Since the girls' birth , I've controlled my shopping to an extreme. Most of the girls' clothes have been gifts, hand-me-downs or purchased on super-duper clearance. I've never ever walked into a store and just picked out clothes. Believe me, I'm grateful for having such generous friends and family but I would love to be able to shop every once and awhile without worrying about cost.

Rich told me that I could buy some clothes for the girls. I didn't need permission. I just needed to not feel guilty. So buy clothes I did! To match the caps, I found each girl a super-cute fall outfit. And then I HAD to have these red, puffy vests for the cooler weather. Even with a sale and a 10% coupon, we still paid $90! Now I remember why I don't just walk into a store and shop for the girls.

I'm already planning a fall photo shoot with their new clothes. Is it still August? Darn!

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