Friday, August 1, 2008

Poop-Speak: A New Language

You may not realize how easy it is for toddlers (are they really toddlers now?) to become constipated. Unfortunately, dairy is a huge contributor to this and the girls consume a TON of milk, yogurt and cheese on a daily basis. Applesauce is also to blame.

I usually check with Grammy at day's end to confirm that Allie and Em have been having somewhat normal bowel movements. I've always tried to stay on top of The Poop Situation hoping that it won't become a situation. Well, it become a bit of a situation this week. It started on Saturday when Allie and Em appeared to be slightly constipated to me based on the appearance of their poop. It continued into Sunday when I found blood mixed in with Allie's obviously very constipated poop. I tried to not overreact. Applejuiceandprunes. Applejuiceandprunes.

While speaking with Grammy on the phone while at work, I've tried to use Poop-Speak. Did she GO? What was it like? I don't really care if my cubiclemates overhear my conversations. I guess I'm trying to not embarrass the girls. (As if this blog isn't embarrassment enough for them.) In my mind, I keep replaying those episodes of Jon and Kate + 8, where they show those poor kids potty training. Talk about embarrassing!

So Grammy and I seem to have turned to email for communication but we still use Poop-Speak. My email address and all of it's content are the property of Big Financial Institution. Here are some excerpts:

Wednesday, July 30

Me: Are the girls doing OK? Did Allie GO?
Grammy: yes, yes
Me: BIG TIME GO or just go?

Friday, August 1
Subject: News about Allie :-)
From: Grammy

Hi Sarah,
Just wanted to let you know that Allie is okay...
The prunes just worked for her BIG TIME!!!!!!
Em was semi okay....

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