Friday, May 30, 2008

New Tricks and Words

The girls have been doing some cute things lately.

Allie - We sometimes "play" Duck Duck Goose with the girls when we are trying to feed them in their highchairs. If you ask Allie to play now, she'll go up to one of her sisters, pat her on the head and say, "duck duck." Very cute...

Anna - Anna is the first one to point. She started last night - pointing at the tv and laughing. She did it this morning too. Another milestone.

Emily - Em started saying a new word a few weeks ago. It sounded like "lnmikey." It's easier to hear now and sounds more like "lnikey." We assume that she's saying likey - she only does it in the highchair while she's eating. If we say, "likey" to her, she repeats it.

Here's something she didn't likey - chicken. The girls had chicken for the first time the other day. Allie and Anna tried some. Em took one look at it and decided to dispose of it immediately. As you can see from this picture, she doesn't throw it. She simply moves her hand to the side and opens.


4boys4me said...

HI im Ashley mommy to BBB triplets and a 3 year old boy! my trips were also spontanious2 of mine are identical. just wanted to say hello, love your blog! girls are soo adorable! keep in touch!

Sarah said...

Hi Ashley - thanks for the comment!