Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mini Celebrity Status

Weather permitting, the girls are taken on at least one walk a day. They love being out and about. There are a few older grandmother-types in the neighborhood who are usually out walking at the same time and say that they love seeing the triplets. I can handle that. We've even had people drive by and stick their heads out the car window for a better view. This is borderline for me. I've been so close to yelling, "Watch the road!" Idiots...

Well, this takes the prize. Grammy was walking the girls up to the town center the other day. She sees a van pull partially into a parking lot and then a guy gets out and crosses to her side of the street. I told her that I would have turned around and started running. It IS a jogging stroller. The guy says that he wants to tell Grammy that his kids love seeing the triplets. If he is driving them to soccer or baseball and they see us out walking, his kids always yell, "look at the triplets!" He also adds that his kids are going to be so jealous when he picks them up from school and tells them that he got to see the triplets.

Hmmm...maybe we should start charging admission...NOT!

Here is a recent picture of the girls in the Choo Choo Wagon. We only use this on our street. It's quite an attention-getter.

Anna, Em and Allie

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pinkmiss46 said...

Uhm... Let me start with your girls are all beautiful and I can't imagine that kind of love three-fold. That being said, the sight of triplets IS incredibly unusual and frankly, it's amazingly cool. So to get so annoyed by peoples comments is unfair to them. Cause unless they approach you with "what the hell were you thinking?!", chances are they are admiring your strength, patience and perserverance. That and the cuteness of babies x3. So yea, chill out and stop acting so indignant about people thinking your kids are cool as hell and a lot of work - cause they are both of those things and you don't live on a desert island.