Sunday, June 1, 2008


The hours between high noon and 3 pm have been declared QUIET time for the neighborhood. We have THREE infants (the ones that you ooh and aah at) who can be quite fussy if they don't get a decent nap. Please obey the following rules during the above detailed time period:
  1. No lawnmowers or weedwackers.
  2. No basketball, baseball, softball, wiffleball or kickball.
  3. No chainsaws, bandsaws, hacksaws or hammers.
  4. No car motors or boat motors. (Yes, this is a polite way of me telling you that you can't drive.)
  5. The street will be closed off to all delivery trucks, trash trucks, dump trucks, recycling collection trucks and fire engines.
  6. No dog barking or children screaming.
  7. If you must talk while outside, do not speak above a whisper.
  8. If you choose to use your swimming pool, no splashing.
  9. If you choose to ride your bike or skateboard, please fall off at least 100 yards from our house so that we do not hear your crying.

When you have triplets, then you can make up your own rules. Until then, please follow ours.

Thank you and have a nice day :)

1 comment:

Cherie said...

Why is it that all of these things seem to happen during nap time at our house too??!!