Thursday, July 19, 2018

Monthly Running Recap - June

Last month, I began to really think about the aging process and wonder if this is as good as I'm ever going to be when it comes to running.  When I hit what could officially be called my mid-forties a few years ago, I felt a shift in my body.  "Getting back into shape" is no longer what it used to be.  I can't take a week off from running and bounce back like I could many years ago.

I've never been a talented runner.  Rich uses that word - talent - when we talk about those who can run incredibly fast.  Faster than we'll ever run.  If I think back to the time before social media, before blogs and blog snark forums, before half the adult population became runners and/or experts on running, I never, ever felt bad about my running ability.  I ran because I enjoyed it, it's an incredible stress-reducer and a great way to stay in shape.

The attitude now is if you can't run a 7 something minute mile or faster, than what's the point.  You're too slow.  And 90% of this is coming from the internet.  

It's so easy to feel bad about yourself.

I've been hyper-focused on my running times this year and I've gotten away from what I enjoy about running.  Mid-forties is not the time to try to become a faster runner.  Maybe if you have that talent I referred to above, but I do not.  I feel like I haven't been running as many miles because I've been focused on time and improving that time.

So I'm stepping back, as I feel I have to do every once in a while, and doing what works best for me.
June, again, was not a good month for mileage.  I had that cold/cough thing for a week or so and lost many days of running.  What's not noted below are all the miles that I walked.  I love the warm summer months and on the days I don't run, I sometimes go out for a walk.  Or I'll add a walk onto the end of my run.  There was one day I ran 3 miles, walked 3 miles and then had tap class.

Total mileage for the month - 37 miles
Subtotal for 2018 - 245 miles

6/01 - 3 miles (time 32:16) + tap class
6/03 - 5 miles
6/08 - Tap class
6/09 - 2 miles (time 20:50)
6/11 - 3 miles
6/13 - 3 miles
6/17 - 3 miles
6/19 - 4 miles
6/21 - 2 miles (time 18:22)
6/24 - 5 miles
6/26 - 3 miles
6/29 - 4 miles

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Nancy G. said...

I didn't start running until I was 40, so I don't have any "glory days" to think back on. :) I did have that speed thing in mind when I first started running, but now (9 years in) I just run for running sake. I prefer to go a certain distance on a run than have a certain speed I'm trying to attain. I don't think I'll ever run a 5K in less than 25 minutes, in fact it'll probably be more like 35, but I'll keep doing it!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who can run is better off than someone who can't. I used to run religiously until I herniated a disk in my L4-5 and now it's almost impossible to sustain running. I do walk, but need to be very careful. My mother on the other hand did not start running until she was your age and she is now 86 years old and runs every day. She looks great and she'll probably live to be 120. It's not about fast, it's about endurance and the endorphins that make you feel so wonderful!

Sarah said...

I read your blog all the time, but I rarely comment. This post really struck a chord. I'm, ahem, approaching 40 with 10-year-old twins, and I run as often as I can (some weeks, 5 times; other weeks, 0 times). I'm slower than the rest of the runners out there, but I don't care. It is literally the only thing I do in my life that is just for me and not for my family, my job, etc. Run for you. Run because you enjoy the way it makes you feel and (if it's true for you also) maybe makes you a better parent (I know this is true for me! Running helps me relax!) Try not to read all the running stuff on the internet. Just do your own has become so much more competitive with everyone on the internet having an opinion on everything. Just run. PS There's a great book/blog called Another Mother Runner. You might like it; those ladies are pretty low-key and just run because they enjoy it.

Sarah said...

I meant to get back here earlier to thank you all for the comments. I appreciate the insight and support.