Sunday, June 10, 2018

Monthly Running Recap - May

So . . . not a great month for running.  But I've learned over the years that there's a time to push yourself and a time to step back and give yourself a break.  As much as I enjoy running, there are days when I just don't feel like doing it.  Maybe I'm tired, maybe I'm busy running around with the kids.  I try not to skip too many days when this happens because then it just feels like I'm living in Excuse City.

Last month, I missed an entire week of running.  It started with me not feeling well and then life was busy and if I'd wanted to get a run in, it was going to have to be at night on the treadmill and when the weather's nice, I don't want to get on the treadmill.  After several missed days, I was ready to go for a run.  I was chaperoning a field trip for Anna's class which meant I couldn't run during the day and because Rich had a meeting that night, I was stuck with the treadmill.  Okay, fine.  I was ready to suck it up.

The field trip was winding down and I was standing with Anna when, wham, it felt like I'd been hit behind my bad knee with a slingshot.  I knew I hadn't been hit with anything though.  It was my old running injury returning for a quick visit.  This all started before Rich and I were married.  We were both training to run Falmouth and I had to stop running because I could barely walk down the street without this snapping sensation happening behind my knee.  I did see a specialist at the time and without an MRI, he couldn't tell exactly what was going on.  That snapping sensation was happening randomly and not constantly so I was able to walk, even if it was at a turtle's pace.  I was told to stop running until it felt better and to stretch because, to him, my muscles felt too tight.  I also have scar tissue behind that knee so who knows how that was factoring into the situation.

I'm so careful about adding mileage and/or speed because this old injury pops up when I "overdo" it.  I was baffled over its surprise return, especially during a running mini-break.  The only thing I can think of is that I hyperextended my leg and that set it off.  I had the pulling sensation a few more times that day so I skipped running that night.  I waited a few more days before testing it out and, thankfully, my knee has felt fine.

May ended up being a low mileage month, but it's better than nothing.  

Total mileage for the month - 33.75 miles
Subtotal for 2018 - 208 miles

5/02 - 1.5 miles
5/03 - 2 miles (time 20:38) (85 degrees)
5/04 - Tap class
5/09 - 3 miles (time 30:12)
5/11 - 3 miles + tap class
5/13 - 5.25 miles
5/15 - 4 miles (time 43:00 - 2 miles of run hard for a minute, walk for a minute)
5/17 - 4 miles
5/18 - 2 miles (time 21:28, I wanted easy and I got easy) + tap class
5/25 - 2 miles (time 21:30) + tap class
5/28 - 3 miles (time 29:59)
5/30 - 4 miles (ran for 3 miles 31:28, walked .5, ran 1 mile)

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Bree at Clarity Defined said...

The way you described your knee injury in this post sounds like my knee injury that developed during marathon training. There are so many knee injuries though that it could be totally different. My doctor couldn't say what was wrong either - "all the tests are clear."

Walking didn't hurt, but running started to (directly behind my knee) and I feel it most when my knee isn't bent. I have definitely done a LOT of rest (ugh), but KT tape and deep tissue "stretching" with a lacrosse ball have made the biggest difference (I was even able to run my marathon pain-free... well, knee-pain free ;)).

Hope your June is feeling stronger!

Sarah said...

Thanks, Bree! Glad to hear your marathon was knee pain-free!!!