Sunday, October 22, 2017

What I bought at Old Navy and Gap for the girls

Over the past several weeks, I've purchased items online at Old Navy and Gap for the girls.  Prior to the start of school, we didn't do go back-to-school shopping in the way most think of back to school shopping.  The day before the first day of school, we headed to Target where we picked up a few items, mainly leggings and shoes.  When school starts here, it's still summer so they're going to wear summer clothes they already have.  I don't feel the need to buy more warm weather clothes, especially when I know most of them may not fit in the spring.

We've had an extremely warm fall this year but the girls have mainly been all set for clothes, with the exception of pants.  We've been running out of pants.  And dance clothes.  Someone has dance Monday through Friday and I was trying to do laundry on certain days in order to capture all the dirty dance clothes and make sure everything was ready on Monday.  Yeah, seems easier to just buy a few more items.

The girls wear a good mix of what they would call outfits, and athleisure wear to school.  They move around a lot and like to be comfortable.  We still don't care about labels.  For dance, the more strict dress codes belong to their ballet and dance company classes.  For tap, hip hop and jazz, it's a little bit more relaxed.

Okay, so here's what I bought for dance.

The leotard and ballet pants are from Gap.  Emily likes wearing both to hip hop.  The leotard is still available at Gap but it's no longer listed under the GapFit & Active category.  I searched for leotard and it did show up though.  They do have black in addition to pink.  It's lined and good quality - a fantastic deal if you can double up on a sale price with a promo code.


I also bought this little shrug and cropped yoga pants (good for jazz) from Old Navy.  I knew the top wasn't sweater material but I wasn't expecting it to be so shiny - think of a moisture wicking fabric.  Not really a negative, just something to note.  It's a good fit and will come in handy during the winter.  Also, with a sale and a promo code, it was only $5.10.  You really can't beat that.

The high kick test.


Because the girls desperately needed pants, I purchased the following comfy items:

Go-Warm Mini-Stripe Leggings, Stretch jersey leggings and Pro Fleece Jogger

Those fleece joggers are soft and fuzzy inside, and will be perfect for colder days.  Compared to leggings from Target and even Gymboree, the leggings from Gap feel sturdier to me.  

In terms of fit, I bought a size medium for all items and everything was a perfect fit.  The girls are 52 inches tall and weighed 54-55 pounds six months ago.  I'm not exactly sure what they weigh now; I'm assuming they've gained a few pounds.  Regardless, for height they fell within the medium size range for Gap, which was 52-54 inches.  Size medium for Old Navy lists a height of 53-55 inches.  Close enough.

All hits and no misses with these orders!

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