Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Slowing opening for the season (Cape Cod)


Before our trip to DC, we squeezed in a visit to the cottage with a small to-do list.  We were hoping to finally turn the water back on.  Because it's a cottage and not insulated, the pipes would freeze and burst during the winter so the water is completely turned off.  This is fairly common for cottages/seasonal homes in the area.  What we didn't realize was that the water had been turned off at the street, which means the town needs to turn it back on.  I also wanted to remove any bedding left behind by the previous owners so the old mattresses can be taken when the new mattresses are delivered later this week.  

I brought a spray bottle with vinegar/water and assigned the girls tasks of cleaning windows and vacuuming the floors.  They also assisted with the beds.  After they tired of cleaning, games of tag and hide-and-go-seek took place outside.  When I finished with the beds, I told Rich I would take them to explore and find a bathroom.  There's a beach a half mile from our street with public restrooms but those are still not open for the season.  This is when fast food joints and grocery stores become your best friends.





(The empty TV stand.  I really don't feel like we need a TV there, but if we're going to rent, maybe we do.  Is it only a trend online to be without a TV?  I honestly don't know anyone in the real world who doesn't have a TV.  For now, we can use the stand as a charging station for the laptops, kindles and phones.)

We ate dinner at Baxter's which had just opened for the season the day before.  This restaurant is counter service but offers plenty of indoor and outdoor seating.  Growing up, my family and I would stop here for dinner after a day at the beach.  The food is good and the seating areas offer wonderful views of Hyannis Harbor.  The pictures below were taken from the restaurant.  Unfortunately, prices seem to increase every year.  This is somewhat true across the board.  Eating out at seafood restaurants on Cape Cod is not inexpensive. 






BreezieGirl said...

There are people that don't have TVs?

I have a TV, but I don't have cable and haven't for 10 years. Most of my friends and now some family also ditched cable (some more recently than others), but they still have TVs too (for movie watching and/or various subscriptions like Netflix).

Sarah said...

Yes! It seems to be a thing. But then they simply watch movies and shows on their laptops so I don't quite understand why they have to announce that they don't have a TV.

Erika said...

I rent houses from vrbo and air b&b sometimes and I would sadly be hesitant to rent a place with no tv. Even though I don't watch much tv, especially while traveling, I would think "but what if it rains for three days?? And we have no tv??!" Haha. Also, even if you don't choose to hook it up to cable or satellite, you could just start a collection of random DVDs for the house. I LOVE that at rentals- even though we rarely watch them, it's just fun to browse a bunch of old 90s movies you forgot about. 😁

Ande Malinowski said...

Maybe if you get a TV for the cottage, you don't have to get wifi. When I stayed at a beach cottage in Maryland there was no cable. There was a DVD player for movies though.

Anonymous said...

No TV, no internet access at home and not missing it for a second. I think TVs, even flat screens, are an eye sore.

Krista said...

We don't have a TV, didn't as a kid either. I actually know many, many families in the Midwest that don't have one.

Meaghan Mercier said...

Ha! My kids, exact same age as yours, are also into Rubix cubes right now. Totally obsessed is more like it, the clicking is driving... me... crazy!!!