Thursday, February 9, 2017

Well, just some thoughts

The girls play school quite often and when they do, someone is elected or volunteers for the role of school psychologist.  Yes, the school psychologist.  If I think back through all my schooling, I don't recall ever knowing of a school psychologist.  Presumably, there was one in high school but I would be shocked if one existed in my elementary school.  The world has changed significantly since 1983.  And that's my point.  There's a focus on mental health and that's a good thing.  I'd like to believe it's bringing mental health to the surface and not coddling kids.  As I've previously mentioned, the girls' health class focuses on both physical and mental health.

I found this sign hanging in the playroom where the girls had their school set up.  It's actually a good reminder for everyone.


Life with three tweens:

"I'm feeling angry and I just don't know why."  (With crying.)

"I'm feeling sad and I just don't know why."  (With crying.)

"I'm feeling scared and I know why."  (With crying.)

That last one was from me.

I've found it interesting how the girls participate in teamwork and team activities at school on a regular basis.  I don't remember forced teamwork until college and then again at training for work.  Of course, work itself is teamwork but that's a little different.  Teamwork is not always easy, as anyone who has been placed on a team for what I refer to as "forced" teamwork knows.  I sometimes laugh when the girls tell me about their teamwork issues. Usually, they are complaining about the team member who doesn't contribute or exert him or herself.  I've responded with, "Welcome to the real world, baby."

This year, the girls are learning all about the states.  More than simply where those states are and the capitals.  I believe it's so important to see the world for yourself.  Driving from Massachusetts to Michigan isn't exactly "fun" but there's no better way to see what exists outside of your own little world.  Watch the landscape change as you travel by road from Massachusetts to Florida.  No better way to learn than to experience it firsthand.

Without trying to, I always seem to stumble upon budgeting blogs and articles.  The latest was about a woman (married, but no kids) who didn't spend any "unnecessary" funds for an entire year and "saved" over $20,000.  Yes, of course, she wrote a book about it.  What do you consider a necessity?  She didn't believe a car was one.  I'm such a cynic when it comes to these things.  What was her end game?  Was it to write a book and make money off of not spending money?  (Because that's what she did.)  Anyway, as I spend $1200 on cath kits (insurance deductible) and $680 for a retainer (the portion not covered by insurance), I always think back to the early retired budget blogger who stated that "kids don't cost much."  No, not much at all.

I sometimes wonder if I could have been a budget/financial blogger.  I avoid saying too much here because it's not really envy-inducing to discuss the fact that you didn't make any clothing purchases during the month because you didn't "need" any new clothes.  Honestly, finances and spending and budgeting are so personal because of the uniqueness of our living situations. No one brings in the same amount of money and no one has the same exact expenses.  What is a need to one is not a need to another.  Only you can determine what you need or want to spend money on.  (I feel like I could go on and on but I'll end with that.)

Is it snowing where you are?  We're in the middle of a big storm.  Eeeeek!


Tracie Richey said...

70 and sunny here which is great because baseball practice started last night. Texas is nothing to brag about in the summer but the winter is fantastic!

Anon said...

I understand you feel your budgeting/financial advice might be unwanted, but I would be interested to hear what you have to say. You have reached an interesting and somewhat enviable position of being early retired or between careers by choice. Whilst your technique might be as simple as not buying things you don't need, I feel it would be worth reading.

Katie R said...

Hi :) I've been reading your blog for almost 5 years (!) and I love reading about your family. Reading your post today, I felt compelled to say that I'm an elementary school psychologist in the Boston area. I love, love when I hear of students that I work with playing "school psychologist" at home or when they bring the work that we do at school into their homes. We have a big focus of bringing the language and focuses of our therapy sessions to the classrooms, because really, all kids benefit from the work we do not just the kids who might need more direct instruction. It was fun to see you post about your kids thinking of the school psychologist when playing school :)