Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Life Lately

I usually enjoy a good storm (or two) and then I'm done with winter.  Last week, we had two storms roll through back to back.  Friday morning, we awakened to a world of white.  Thankfully, not enough to impact school.  The second storm began late Saturday morning and dumped a foot of snow on us.  Maybe it's because I didn't have to deal with commuting, but it really didn't seem all that bad.  I do find myself dreaming of tropical weather though.  




In addition to always feeling cold, I'm not enjoying this lack of light into the house.  It's very noticeable to me now that I'm home.  The only time direct sunlight hits our house is in the morning.  After that, the sun is too low and blocked by trees and other houses.


We finally (after how many months) found the leak in the pipe that drains water from the girls' shower.  We had to remove a kitchen cabinet, which caused the delay, but once that cabinet came down, the nail hole was immediately noticeable.  Thankfully, it wasn't all the way up the wall so we didn't have to rip out a ton of sheetrock.


The cream colored portion of the wall is where the kitchen cabinet belongs.  I just love all of these nail holes.  Seriously?


The plumber came out last week and repaired everything.  Now we need to replace the sheetrock and rehang the cabinet.  I was planning to repaint the kitchen anyway.

For those of you who paint your own nails, have you tried Essie's Gel Setter top coat?  I picked up a bottle a few months ago and I feel like it definitely extends the life of my manicure.  I really just want my mani to last a week without chipping.  After a week, I'm ready for a color change and the gap between the polish and my cuticles becomes noticeable and annoying.  I've used it with OPI nail polish and it works just as well.


I painted my nails on a Friday afternoon and this photo was taken on Thursday morning.  It's easy to remove as well, no different from other polishes and top coats.  I may try two coats the next time.  Thus far, I've just been using one.  Have I ever discussed my nail polish obsession here?

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Christi said...

good to know about the Essie top coat
I usually use Orly bonder base coat and Julep Freedom top coat and get a week or so of wear. When that top coat is empty I'll check out the Essie!

how great is today's weather? Can it please stay this way for the rest of the winter???

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Oh Sarah, nail polish is my love language.

I'm particularly passionate about top coats - they really do change everything - and so I leave you a link to a post I wrote last year :)