Sunday, January 1, 2017

Goodbye, 2016

2016 was a big year for us.  Rich and I met our financial goals and I was able to resign from my role as Tax Director.  It's a whole new world now that I'm home.  When I think back to the beginning of last year, all I remember is unknowingly walking around with strep throat for two weeks and getting absolutely slammed at work after four co-workers jumped ship.  So, yeah, there were some rough times but nothing we couldn't walk away from unscathed.  We're all healthy and the girls continue to grow and bloom.

The low point of 2016 was the passing of my Papaw.  My paternal grandfather left this world a few months prior to my birth so Papaw was the only grandfather I'd ever known.  I'm so very thankful that we made the trip to Michigan with the girls to visit with my family during the summer of 2015.  Alzheimer's had taken over but I still felt that deep inside, Papaw knew what was going on.  There were moments of semi-clarity where it appeared he understood, but simply couldn't find the words. For example, he had forgotten that Rich was my husband, but he attempted to ask, "Is he . . .?"

I really need to bring the girls to Kentucky to visit with my mom's family.  Life is too short.


This past summer, with the girls out of school, was full of travel.  We drove out to Michigan with Grammy and my niece, and stayed for two weeks.  Rich flew out to meet us, and we made a side trip to Mackinac Island.



Of course, we stopped at Niagara Falls on the trip home.



In August, we headed back to Disney for a family vacation.



And there were many, many days spent on the Cape.



The girls entered fourth grade in September and we cruised through the remainder of the year.


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My favorite photo of the girls:



Lauren M said...

I can't believe the girls are in 4th grade!!! They have grown into such beautiful young ladies, I started reading your blog when they were only 3 years old! Can't wait to see what 2017 brings for you guys

Sarah said...

Thanks, Lauren. Happy New Year!